[Sammy J:]
Life is like a wombat
It's tricky to embrace
And when you try to pin it down
It kicks you in the face [Randy:]
Life is like a futon
It's held in high regard
So you pretend you're comfy
But it's really.. fucking hard
It's everybody's business when the black dog's at the door
But it's no laughing matter, so we're here to reassureThat it has to get better than this
It's not a hard equation
Cause anything is better than the shittest situationAnd if the situation's shit
Shit is still subjective
So next time you'rе in the shit
Use this shit to get pеrspective[Both:]
Cause life is like a micrwave
It spins you round
And then it starts to stinkIt's like a piccolo
Much shorter than you thinkLife is like a sphincter
It was fun until it bledLife is like a hairdryer
It messes with your head
But any shit would be better than this
And there's so much shit remaining
So next time shit hits the fan
Open up your mouth, it's raining!
Gobble up the shit that's there
And you'll soon start to adore it
Cause that shit just won't compare to the shit that came before it
Yeah it has to get better than htis
Remember you're never alone
When you're swimming a river of shit
There's a shitload of help on the phoneCall chat connect (Everybody!)
Call chat connect (Louder!)
Call chat connect
I can feel a key change! (Yeah!)Call chat connect!
This one's for the ladies, here we go!
Call chat connect!
(Oh, no! This is tough, once more!)Call chat connect!
(That's too high, I can't go any higher)
Call chat connect!

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