[Verse 1]
I was walkin' after midnight
Three AM to be exact
Crossin’ city limits
A heavy coat upon my back
Countin' strangers as I passed them
All were hurried, eyes ahead
Oh there's no trustin’ after midnight
When we're just lookin' for our bed
But I stared out from the overpass
On the downtown haze
Hailed a cab and headed toward it
In a bleary daze
Oh the driver was slippin' out
Could hardly keep awake
I prodded him with bony finger
And we rode swerving to someplace
Oh, ridin'
Ridin' [Verse 2]
I pointed to the densest neon
Made a motion to depart
When I stepped out the streets were empty
I let the color fill my heart
And with it full I asked forgiveness
With it full I asked for strength
I asked it of the swirling neon
And let my wish list turn to blank
It was enough to pose the question
I expected no reply
But spun around, found my way home
And hit the sheets by morning time[Outro]
Oh, ridin’
Oh, ridin’

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