[Intro, Saint Arbor]
(vocalizes) I need
A little bit of love
I don't feel
They say the sun don't reach here, love [Verse 1, Saint Arbor]
I was down on the riverbed, running away
I feel like I might turn to stone
Hopefully, I feel like all my brothers gon' make it home
I'm down in the river, where the river shines
I'm down in my head, where it intertwines
I've been waiting for this so, so long
Waiting to sing all of my songs
I've known the riverbed, shortbank, hopefully I'm dancing more
Hopefully, I'm smoking all the blunts gold is full of
I don't mind the way it burns
But I've been waiting to smoke, my turn
I need a little bit of love on this riverside
They said, every moment, I die with river pride
I've been in some murky water; If I fall, I might die
But, every moment, I feel alive
I was driving in the back with the tack
I feel like I might lose myself for real
But, if I paint the bullet, better paint it with steel
Cause the iron ain't gon' kill my will
[Interlude, Saint Arbor]
I need moments like the sun, don't follow me here
I've been hiding on the river, just to drown my fears[Verse 2, Goode]
I can fake it, but I can't pretend
Maybe we can try to still be friends
Every day, I'm feeling like it's the end
Get snubbed for a Grammy on the weekend
Oh-ooh-whoa, can you keep a secret?
Oh-ooh-whoa, can you help me see it?
Trust me, it was over 'fore it started (ooh)
808s, but you're the one who's "Heartless" (ah)
Hot-headed, but you're colder than the arctic (laughing)
Did me so dirty, like I was your carpet
But maybe things can still work out, if you wanted

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