(scatting) Uh
I need a little bit of love and war
Pain, all that good shit
Little bit of life, confident self shit
Something like that [Verse 1]
Cause I was feeling better than I ever did
Tell me how many times I gotta jump up out the river since I was a kid
Little tadpole jumping over, frogs get to hopping
Every time I criss-cross all the logs, it said they jumping off
Jumper cables, they said I'm full sparked up
Like I'm already willing and able, but I Cain-killed Abel
So if I got my cane with my living, I lean
Tell me how many times I gotta kill the prеacher before thеy rep my team[Hook]
Killed the church choir, then the church quiet
How many times I gotta come up in here and start a riot?
Killed the church choir, then the church quiet
How many times I gotta come up in here and start a riot now?[Verse 2]
Burn it down, hopefully you burning the crown
I got the crown of thorns, tell me why you scorn
Tell me why you mad
Tell me that Tina Turner got the Tommy gun
And he wish he never had nothing, never had the button
How many days does it feel
Like your god is gonna let you get killed?
(laughing)[Verse 3]
I've been to war and back
Now I'm feeling better than I ever did, matter of fact
Come with the matter of attacks
They said I feel like I'm grey matter when I'm dropping
Every time I split the atom, it's a bomb that I'm popping
It's the nail in the coffin
It's another reason I'm coughing
I'm digging six-feet deep for six preachers to speak
Every time they come around, they talk about preaching with me
They said I'm the sacrilegious guy, I never been afraid of nothing, son
I'm the street preacher when I'm praising the gun
Ammunition upon the altar, how many times you gonna run?
I've been dying under burning moons, dying under black suns
Now, every time I feel like the moon eclipses another one[Outro]
Another body in the grave, it ain't fine yet
Another sermon that you can't preach come correct
Open your book of Psalms, tell me that I'm living wrong
Dancing with my gods in the thunderstorms, bitch, sing along

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