New Moons lyrics

They're gonna smoke 'til the day comes
They're gonna worship the light of day
They're gonna lose their way
And I'm gonna do the same (Marow, arow, arow) [Verse]
You don't know 'bout all the pain
That I gotta live
You don't know 'bout all the souls
That I gotta give
I've been in the darkness
Hiding with the ship
Take my, take my time away
I praise the light, like, three times a day
But the moon is just so beautiful in shades of gray
Follow the wind back to who I was
Before I caught the holy buzz
Used to love me like you love those drugs
I just need to know why
How many timеs I feel like I'm
Walking around in the night sky
Take away all that I am
Takе me back to who I was then[Bridge]
Oh, you know that the light's gon' choke me out
I've been hiding in the moon, come let me out
Out my cage
Guess I'll turn my page
With my performance scored from all the goddamn blood-distorted rage
I know I can't see the rays, but I've been stuck in a group
Instead of worshiping suits, I said I'm rolling with soot
They said, "Now what's the deal with the black cat voodoo?"
I'm right here, don't let me die
Let me live a while
Oh why, oh why?
Saint Arbor – New Moons

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