Ironsides lyrics

Ooh, Marow [Hook, Saint Arbor]
I've been banging since the kid, come catch on these irons
They said that they burning fast, they losing desires
I got cracked ribs, call me Mr. Ironsides
If I come and swallow my pride, the lion dying tonight[Verse 1, Saint Arbor]
Ya'll see the Taurus with the horn born now
I'm carrying water on my back like I was star born now
I was dancing under little dippers, big bears don't be scared
But I've been sinking fangs into the skies, tell 'em what it's worth
Pale in them eyes, tell 'em you prayed
Tell 'em that the world ain't thе same
Since you burning the pack, now I been burning it back
And all thе smoke's everclear
But I've been drinking on liquor, but I've been living through fear
Cause, if I drown my sorrows, hopefully I live in the bottle
It's a sick shape, but it ain't shift-shaping
Hopefully, that shit don't shake and bake
Wait 'til the world explodes, I've been detonating undertows
Jumping over toadstools, and I ain't never seen no one come cool
Stay frosty, they said they don't ever toss me
I'm waiting for someone to come up and spit some game, like some Cosby
They gonna make you fall asleep, waiting for the fallacies
Now, how many times a phalanix gotta come after me?
[Interlude, Saint Arbor]
I've been banging since I was a kid
Come and get the pistol, tell 'em living how they live
Iron sights with iron pride, cracked ribs and suicide
Smiling through my pain, y'all can call me Mr. Ironsides[Verse 2, Young Solomon]
Got turned on myself, mirrors staring down the iron sights
Don't pay me twice, don't pay me mind, just push it to the side
Move the passion, make me miss it when I'm in the rocket
Homie down, smile turned into a frown, call me Mrs. Ironsides
Killing copies, steady dirty, pull me out the ride
I be moving with no mask, I ain't scared to die
They see my face, they see the pain
They can't even cry, look me in my eyes
Call me Mrs. Ironsides when I got a blunt in sight
In my lungs and in my hair, and they just wonder why
Take a leap into my sheath, traversing through my mind
Try to live it once, so you won't fall asleep tonight
This a phalanx, that's why they call me Mrs. Ironsides
Saint Arbor – Ironsides

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