Carry Me Home lyrics

When I die, please set my bones on fire
Carry me home
When I die, set these bones ablaze
Carry me home (Ooh, Marow)
When I find my way out of this goddamn maze
Carry me home
Carry me home, please [Verse 1]
Shake the frost up off these bones
Carry me home
Carry me home
The coffin's been calling my name
Just carry me home
Just carry me home
All these demons that they sent
They've answered my prayers
Carry me home
I won't be free of this hell
'Til you carry me home
Carry me home[Bridge]
And I won't ever find no peace until
Y'all carry me home
[Verse 2]
Tell the world that I've been fired
Just carry me home
Take me back to where all normal lays
And carry me home
Take me where I've buried all my pain
Carry me home
Saint Arbor – Carry Me Home

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