Cause I need a little bit of something to get me by
I need a little bit of love to tell 'em strange things
Backing it up, I feel like I'm into strange things
Holding it back, I feel
Cause I'm a [Verse 1]
Oddly, they said the world won't come bother me
I'm diving in the bottle like a brothel
Can't save me now
But I've been floating in a sea of women, watch me drown
I've been looking for some fresh air
I know that I might never see the sky again
But the cloudy weather holds my friends
And I've been riding under thunderstorms, let mе begin[Hook]
I've been diving down to a place that I can't find no lеns
All the inclines chasing me down
All the storms riding back up on my winds again
I'm at a sea of women, I might drown[Verse 2]
Please lemme find another reason for me to
Fall in line, another reason for me to
Come behind and chase a line
But, every moment, I feel fine
I've been dancing around the rims of a bottle 'til tomorrow come
Hopefully, the brothel gonna find me another son or daughter
Hopefully, I'll die a model in my own vices
I'm viceless, but tell me I'm nice like this[Bridge]
I need someone to follow me
Down where I go[Verse 3]
Now, I'm drinking 'til the water comes
They said the rises, said the water dies
I'm fine
What a moment don't feel like, I know
But the full moon's in the sky
I need moments just to feel it clear
Moments just to swallow my fears
I've been stuck in the sky
Stuck in moments, just fly
Now, I'm in heaven with bliss
And I'm hoping I die
I need[Outro]
Sometimes, as I miss
I'll find I'm drowning in a sea of women
Tryna reach for the sky
It's for all life

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