I wear a crown of thorns upon my head
Even if I praise the gods, then I'll still end up dead
(Marow, arow, arow) [Verse 1]
I wear a crown of thorns upon my head
I been running 'til I feel like I might be dead
They tell me that I won't ever get a case and beat it
I said that I'm running too fast
Knees to chest, I feel like I might surpass my past life
Past, present, and tense
I've been living in the woods, so I'm past present intense
Y'all don't mind if I dive in the water
Tell me the trees are my father
Oak and bramblе might die, tell me I'm a martyr
It don't mattеr; My way, I change
Don't matter way I change my game
Don't matter how many times I grab my chain
I'm never gonna be a main
I know that, if I cut my hair, then I won't ever have a main
Bald-headed and scalp, but don't mind me if I come to talk, but they
Been coming, talking 'bout Arbor Day like a holiday
Praising trees and branches, they talking 'bout the oak and bramble
I burn it like it's the gamble, the dead man's gambit
They said I come up and cramp it, they said I come up like Gambit
I need one shot, two shot, three
I don't mind, don't mind all these streets
I feel like I might die in peace
Stone then will bury me in leaves
Don't find me down in, deep in roots
I've been buried with the suit
I've been praising under ashes
But, hopefully, you'll get the book
I wear a crown of thorns upon my head
Even if I praise the gods, then I still will end up dead[Verse 2]
It's the saint of revels and riots
Don't mind if I come back burning some tyrants
Burning some tires
Don't catch all the smoke, don't mind if I choke
Don't mind if I've been putting the iron inside your head, call it a joke
They killing minds
Tell me how many time y'all killing minds
I'm waiting for things to come together, booked up like Columbine
They said they ducking down, I feel like I might do another line
Chasing at the end of the road is another pace of mine
Praising all the war that I ain't ever had
Feeling like I never been glad
Feeling like I never die sad
Die happy, a capella
Tell me I might rock a fella
Rock a bank
They said I might cook shank
Crookshank with dips in 'em
But Shawshank ain't but made 'em, man
I'll hang from the steeple and tell the people I ain't evil
Oak and bramble

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