[Intro: Saigon]
It ain't over. Fuck it
Think we need an encore, man (yep)
Can't be over
("Clap your hands, to let, to let it start this one off... Can you?")
Uh-huh (come on)
You know what? [Chorus: Sample]
"I warned you baby"
"That what goes 'round must come 'round"
"And I warned you baby"
"That someday I'll put you down"[During Chorus: Saigon]
I warned you
Told you. These niggas was gon' get exposed (yeah)
All of 'em—lot of these frontin'-ass
Fake gang-bangers, fake thugs
Just fuckin' punks, man. Tell 'em, look[Verse 1: Saigon]
You actin' like you was puttin' it in when you couldn't have been
You bust guns and ain't never stepped foot in the pen
You scream, "thug." If you was, you wouldn't have been
Dogs that bark don't bite—they woof for attention
Since you so in love with the spotlight
Put the dot right on your beanie—you're blind in your third eyesight
Am I gon' hit you? I might
Don't believe I squeeze a couple these and then breeze? Alright
But don't say I didn't warn you when the coroner's on you
Got 44 bulldogs—siccin' all of 'em on you
What you gon' do when I swarm through?
Long blue trench coat, shotty down my leg long too
Bump heads with the wrong crew—shame is on you
The blame is on you when the flame is on you
And what you gon' do when the aim is on you?
Nigga, I live every word you hangin' on to
Lil' bitch!
[Chorus][During Chorus: Saigon]
Warned you
Shit... I was the one locked up, bustin' them hammers, man
Haha. Hear y'all talk about it (yeah)
I'll put you down
But I'll put you up on some real shit
Some true shit[Verse 2: Saigon]
HEY, YOU! Get off my CLOUD
You don't know how my gun go BLAOW!
'Nother brother confused and I'm so foul
Another mother will lose one mo' child
People said, "Josephine, your son's so wild
What could make him run so wild?
You better keep his ass out of the street or else he gon' go down
Run around here with guns like he the king of the whole town
Yesterday, he showed me a fo'-pound
Loaded clips, swearin' to God he won't waste no round"
My mom give 'em a fake smile and turn them away
She used to seein' her baby with the burner and hey
But yo, before she let him get away, she stop him and say
You know what she say? (No, what did she say?)
She say, she say, "What do you say to a kid that'd take his life and give it away
And only live for the day?"
I was just talkin' to the lil' nigga today
And when he play with that thing, I make him put it away
She say, "What do you say to a kid who been in and out of court
Since his ass was like four feet short?"
I don't know what the fuck y'all thought
That lil' nigga is crazy
Hehe (hahaha)
[Bridge: Saigon]
Haha (We just fuckin' with these niggas!)
Y'all won't even understand that shit, nah'mean?
Statik Selektah, Saigiddy[Chorus]"I warned you baby" (*echoes*)

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