Saturn lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'd rather be here
Where I'm far from the sun and Im turning blue out here
Stuck on Saturn where home is better than here
Nothing really seems to compare, compare
Clicked my Yeezys twice, Im there
When I'm pouring my heart dont seem to care
I really tried to be your one and only fan
Love really don't seem like its fair
Its fair [Refrain]
I try to be the man that I wasn't
I tried to be everything that you wished
I tried to givе you every dollar in my account
I know for a fact that I been good
Im on my way home[Verse 2]
Oh babе
Why my love seems to come with nothing back
Your saying "Im sorry" and you don't mean it
I really hope its really cold baby out there, out there, ohhhh babe
Why don't you come home with me, oh babe
Why you tryna be out there
I tried my best with you
Oh babe
I'm stuck on Saturn without a way back to you
I think this my last trip coming back to you
OhhhhhhhhhhhhhI know its cold out there!Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
Da-da-dada, oh whew

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