There's something in the air tonight, do you feel it?
You told me you don't care, it's alright 'cause you didn't mean it
But do I do [?] right 'cause you've been feeling
Like moving on from me, I swear if you move on from me
I won't feel nothing again
'cause there's ain't no one else who can make me feel that you did
No, I ain't perfect and the mistakes I've made are stupid
But I'm here now and I'm tryin' to make up for all that
For what it's worth, I need you on this earth Something I find my way, it's like another day
But my mind can run away, yeah
What am I really doing for you, yeah
Why do you keep my in your life (keep my in your life)
You think I'd be better off lonely
But without you, it ain't a life
I know

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