[Verse 1: S/GE]
What if evil don’t exist, it’s just a lack of love
Why are people scared of love, we must get back to love
Some even cringe at thoughts of love, they’ve put a cork in love
Deep down they know that’s not the answer, ‘cause it’s always love
I wish I took my own advice
I get consumed by vice
Should I trade my soul for riches
That’s a hefty price
All I desire is the freedom to control my time
To explore the beauty of life, in that I’m sure I’ll find that [Hook: P’hya]
All is lovе
Is love
All is love
Is love[Verse 2: S/GE]
It’s a bеautiful existence, I wake up so thankful
So many blessings in my life, I’ve truly got my hands full
I’m rarely stressing ‘cause I strive to remain present and to
Big up myself regardless of whether others are fans too
But I’ll still lift them up
I’ve realised that it’s just a fun
As tearing down the competition just to say I’ve won
What use are all these cups
If I use all the water up
Stopped build dams, I understand
That all is love[Hook: P’hya]
All is love
Is love
All is love
Is love[Outro: P’hya]
What if evil don’t exist
It’s just a lack of love
We just get back to love
We just get back to love
We just get back to love

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