[Intro: RXK Nephew]
You know I'm saying? My pardna looked at me the other day
He said- He said, nigga, you got more rings than Slick Rick, nigga
He said, nigga, you got more rings than Michael Jordan
You got more rings than James Brown
Nigga, you got more rings than OJ Da Juiceman, nigga
He said, goddamn, goddamn, boi, you got rings, boi
Yuh! [Verse 1: RXK Nephew]
Backhand look like Slick Rick
I'm Michael Jordan on one hand
All these rings on one hand
I put boogers on my hand
I put boogers in my ear
Chain sound like them bitches fighting
Boy, yo pockets going through a crisis
Diamonds look like they came from ISIS
Pap' said he don't want no Breitling
Look like we ran out the jewelry store
Look like we hang out with Tee Grizzley
I look likе I hit a heist with Tee Grizzley
Fuck Johnny Dang, I go to Paul Wall
Rap 'bout my grill like Paul Wall
Walk out thе trap like Bandman Kevo
Teach the people how to scam the people
Trap house look like a movie [?]
Chain look like a bunch of Dubai people
Rings look like them bitches moonwalking
Chain on my neck, that shit hurt my neck
Gucci Mane ain't got shit on me
Chain the size of me when I was 13
I slide through shawty like DaBaby
Your jewelry wacker than DaBaby's
Walk in that bitch like Juiceman
Orange diamonds like Juiceman
My pinky look like Everest mountain
My chain look like I threw up on it
That bitch look like toaster strudels
This is not what the fuck you used to
My jeweler got a lot to do when I'm in it
Look like I pulled a jewelry heist
Look like I broke outta Icebox
Omarion hurt in the Icebox
I will kick the stove and squabble the pot
I'll squabble the shit my thot
Fuck Kodak Black, [?]
I sold crack I ain't had no options
They said I was ugly as Big Poppa
They said I ain't had no drip like Big Poppa
Now I'm flashy as fuck, fresher than my mama
Just bought a gun, 'bout to go shoot my mama
[?] my mama
Bitch cheat on me, I'ma shoot that bitch
I'm Shaq with the Glock and I like shooting 3's[Verse 2: RX Papi]
Walk in this bitch like fuck is you doing?
Bitch touch my chain, it'll be a shooting
556, fah fah, going straight through it
I get more love than hate [?]
AP look like [?]
Auntie stingy, she don't share her dope
I'm finna break the fucking door
It's residue on my [?]
I walked in like fuck going on?
They only got four for a nick, come on
My pockets fat like the old [?]
Your pockets skinny like the new [?]
[?] for no reason
Take the chain off yo neck then I'm leaving
I got a bitch on her knees like Jesus
Keep my sleep down, my ABCs
I don't trust her, I know she a schemer
These niggas move like Leave It To Beaver
Trap house full of Justin Bieber
Shop full of dirty Angelina
Might be in the trap, [?]
[?], cook everything with some freethrow
Glock got a green beam like Mojo Jojo
Punch you in yo shit like Mojo Jojo
Shit'll get uglier than Mojo Jojo
Walk in this bitch like Mojo Jojo
Chain same size as Mojo Jojo
She said she like my swag and mojo
Got a [?]
My diamonds blacker than [?]
Walk in the [?], shoot the [?]
Shoot the DA, shoot the jury
Shoot any fucking body come near me
My bitch piss me off, I'ma slap that bitch
She caught Covid-19, shit fake
I got a ski mask on my fucking face
I go to sleep with that shit on
I push the V with that shit on
Punch a opp in his face with my shit on
Beat the fuck out a opp with all rings
Beat the fuck out a opp with my AP
These niggas move like Casey And Jojo
I will beat your face with a snub nose
Glock got a 30 and a beam on it
Hit 'em and knock the jeans off 'em
He might've heard it but he never saw it
Walk in this bitch like beg your pardon?
Up the stick on a nigga and spark it
Dumb nigga worried 'bout the new Jordans
Yo feet cold as fuck while you're walking
I'm dead fresh, give me a coffin
Real RX

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