Cold Summer, hot winter
Cold Summer, hot winter
Cold Summer, hot winter
Cause they done killed one of my niggas Fuck it, I'm gone slide, nigga
Pop out with a missile
And they gon cobra head I'm shiesty
You can ask my niggas
Fuck it, I be walking 'round with all types of pistols
Got a beam on this bitch
I put a dick in this stick
If a nigga talkin' gangsta watch his body fuckin' twitch
Sending shots from everywhere, they won't even know what the fuck done hit 'em
They say little buddy block was hot they know double x them boys was hittin'
I peep that song you dissed my dawg, but you know we was standing on business
I hate to tell you yall double R
Yall rusty and [?] yall [?]
I hatе to tell you all that tough guy shit, that shit went out the window
Stop that bluffin' you not activе, boy, you know your ass a dub
And if I catch a nigga lacking, I'm gon have to commit me a murder
I'm not Bill Cosby
I'm not no comedian
So, why you think I'm lying?
When I pop out with that fuckin' rod
Somebody baby a thot
Somebody been tellin' lies
They said cobra head been slidin'
I was beating that with the lion
Why the hell you walkin' down like he a gangsta?
I know he ain't getting no [?]
Why you acting like you really a goon?
You know you ain't got no racks

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