DawgShit Records, uh, uh
Uh, you know wassup with me
Uh, yeah
Yeah [Verse]
I walk in the house
Momma like "You higher than a bitch"
You fresher than a fuck
You flyer than a bitch
It ain't always use to be like that
Let me take you back
Coming in late, smell like weed
I been with the gang
Momma don't want hang around with-
What's his name, lil dude
She knows all I want to do is be with the gang
I love it in the hood
Shit, i'm comfy in the hood
She got a nigga I ain't really fuck with at the time
Pay me no mind, I'm just saying what's on my mind
Tell you about my mom
Love that lady to death
I swear she try her best
I guess I'm just my daddy son
She [?]
But I don't have it none
I rather run in streets, it's what I want for me
She wants me to go to school and do the right thing
Smokin green and selling the white thing
On some other shit
She prolly think I'm buggin then
But I got other shit on my mind
My momma don't really understand how I feel with my daddy dyin
She got both of her parents
That's why it be hard for her to understand me
I been going through some things that she can't comprehend
As real as it gets
I love my momma to death
I used to cry sometimes
She let me put my head on her chest
I love my momma to death (Ballout)

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