"I'm sorry this is all my fault wasn't it"
"you know your not spouse to meet up with him" Summer starting to came and i didn't know you name
Now you are talk to me who's to blame?
I figured why you did't understand my felling at that time. at that time
Calling me a asshole with my hands at the dashboard
I thinks that what cash's for throw it at her she gets better
Says you don't matter
I got all the drugs she like if she really fuck with my vibe?
All she wanna do is start staying inside
I got all the drugs she like if she ain't fucking with me then i know whats rightIts a lot of shit i wanna change in my life
But its so much shit that i can't change in my life
I don't know what do anymore every era that i meet seems to hate Ruh Mor. what the fuck do they want from me
I don't wanna be here i might as well,OD
I'm bout to go Fuck this shit baby i'm bout to go

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