Then I keep my .40 Glock on me. This has no safety on it, it's fully loaded, there's one in the chamber at all times, so that means if I need to, I just aim and squeeze [Chorus]
Everywhere I go, them niggas know I'm ready for combat
All you ever gonna find in my DNA is combat
Everywhere I go, these niggas know I'm ready for combat
Nothing but violence and rage in my DNA - it's combat
[Verse 1]
I don't got comrades
I just ride with the gun, cash, and a good girl that's gone bad
I don't have to have a hit, shit could be a bunt
I'm ready for combat
This ain't really what you want
And I ain't really fascinated with your 'Benz price
Fall back and get your car jacked while the engine masturbate the twin pipe
I beat you down
Only time you heard about me backing up is the armoured truck beeping sound
Instead of battle rapping with you, I'd rather speak in rounds
True veteran, sickening flow you couldn't do better than
Show up to your crib, dig a six foot hole, introduce you to your new residence

Y'all what all the flash and all the autographs about
Y'all niggas actin' like broads, it's all your fault that Remy Ma the hardest rapper out
Y'all only do music with people 'cos they hot, so your point is stupid
I just wanna stay the fuck away from you and do a joint or two with Joyner Lucas
Shut the game down
Show you you ain't shit when I come through
Don't even flinch at me - I'm James Brown
You ain't built to fit in that jump suit
I'm super strapped with a rocket launcher - Google that
Lay a hand on me
I'll spray you and your homie
Have you land on him like Scoob and Scrap

I'm in the streets where the movers at
Y'all industry, y'all industries where the Ubers at
I'm ruthless black like Dr Dre crew
Rae Carruth in a topless grey coupe
Got the K cocked, stay true
The roof is back, get in the car
Never been a star, but I'm blessed
I found a girl who love me almost as much as Peter Rosenberg loves Kendrick Lamar
I'm just tryna be the one who finally make Rihanna faithful
Was I the only one heartbroken when I found out French Montana fucked Sanaa Lathan?
And I promise y'all I'm not a hater; I'm just aggravated
I just want all my hoes who don't know that they my hoes yet to act their ages
I just want to drive all my hoes crazy like the one that played That's So Raven
Back to back with me blasting iron, ratchet waving
Caps flying like we had a graduation[Chorus]
Everywhere I go, them niggas know I'm ready for combat
All you ever gonna find in my DNA is combat
Everywhere I go, these niggas know I'm ready for combat

(5, 4, 3, 2, 1)[DNA Beat Change][Verse 2]
I got real nigga in my DNA
I be killing at will
I'm the illest that live
Fuck a deal, fuck a VMA
I beef, y'all mediate
Y'all PDA, I'm TNA
Soon as one of y'all step by the bar I alleviate
Niggas must want death by tomorrow, if you trying war with me today
Y'all niggas story long, not me; I abbreviate:
I innovate
Y'all CBA
Gettin' paid my TV rate
My reality BDP
Evil D, I'm CTJ
Y'all DVD
Y'all reality Stevie J
Y'all trying to box with a nigga that'll beat your ass, but I'd much rather beat a case

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