[Verse 1]
You tie your hair [?]
You say [?]
When the [?] off the sea
Sounds just right to me
Am I painting [?] on the wall?
So you can look at the sun whithrough the fall
Oh we've made memories and make some more
And I just love you [Chorus]
I just love you
I just love you[Verse 2]
So [?] hard to say
[?] sincerity nowadays
Oh why are we all so afraid?
'Cause she was lying in the sun
In the quiet corner where the river runs
I just love you[Chorus]
I just love you
I just love you[Bridge]
Well it's the simple truth
It's the little things you do
It's the smilе on your lips
When you walk into a room
It's the birthday card you do
That make mе love you[Chorus]
(I just love you)
I just love you
I just love you (Just love, just love, just love)
Ooh, just love you

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