{Stupid Skit}
"Yo Roman"-Love Guru
Daps* "Yo, what's good bro what's up
Haven't seen in a minute-" -Romanchikku"Yeah long time no talk bro, how you been."-Love Guru"I'm pretty good you know."-Romanchikku"Oh that's good, that’s good, how's the music?"-Love Guru"Uh, even better bro I got a tape out."-Romanchikku"Oh shit, that sounds fire, imma check it out
So uh what brings you to the office."-Love Guru"Ight so I got this-this girl that won't leave my
Fucking head like at all- I just haven’t been
Able to stop thinking of her-"-Romanchikku"I mean hey, yeah, I heard about this new program
You know, you get over it in like 21."-Love Guru"Like 21 years?"-Romanchikku
"Na like 21 Days"-Love Guru"That’s-'"-Romanchikku"Let me write for you, it's еasy, just recite this shit."-Love Guru"Ight I'll givе it a shot."-RomanchikkuYeah it'll probably take
Take what?
20 what
21 daysI got all these feelingsIn the A.MCause by the P.MYeah they'll probably go away
You gonna tell meJust how much you love me
Then watch how we turn it to hate
I'm out here hating myselfFor the things that I writeBut I never will saySo it'll probably take-
I'm going stupidChasingDreaming lucidI've been excusing lots of things I'm doingI've just been using peopleWho been choosing other peopleAlready used to losing
TopicsTry improvingEverything up at the same timeBut they view a person whos losing his mindAnd I'm sure that’s a Lil confusingThat’s why u won't bump to my music
SoTell me you love meOr need meIn EdenCause lying in here not a sinDrowning in sorrow this serpent don’t swimWhen I sinkAll think aboutAboutIs you with him?Or notI got to figure outWhy?NoI gottaSit andThink aboutHow I wasted all your time(God damn like)I got crossed and faded all the timeAnd she thought that we fatedWhat a lieLikeConversation's jadedSo am ILikeClimbing hillsYou upAnd I'm behindYouDon’t see meThis hell I'm crawling throughNo "I's"Does he seeWhat I did see betweenThose eyesI'm fineNo, I'm not(Woah)ConsciousDo slip and slide(Yeah)Thoughts on my brainSo I'm still inclinedTo think about what you doingYeah that’s T.M.I
But fuck it yeah Imma still ask thoughTelling your friends I'm an assholePast hopeWouldn’t put past youPast tenseYou got a man so you fast forwardI'm driving 80 in 40sFast toward youIf I breakI hit asphaltMy thoughts they spill on the dashboardYou got everything you asked forSo why the fuck you still mad for(HUH)Victorious SecretYou hanging with dogsI'm not creepingJust keep on the catwalkYour body scream for the connectionThat boy will notGive you the answersOr stay morning afters
And I know that I might seem madIt's my faultI fly soloNobody to sign on my passportI'm lonely as fuckI supposeI'm the reasonI'm sadCauseI got what I asked for{Stupid Skit}"Ok,ok, that makes senseI hope you feel a little bit better after thatUmm tell me about your experiences with her and shit"
-Love Guru"I had a dream about you last night
"Kinda weird."-Romanchikku(talking to the girl as if she's there)"You already said that bro.. You gotta say it again."-Love Guru
{Chant}"Yeah it'll probably take 21 days"Yeah probably takeTake what?20 what21 days
I got all these feelingsIn the A.MCause by the P.MYeah they'll probably go away
(Go away way)
You gonna tell meJust how much you love meThen watch how we turn it to hateI'm out here hating myselfFor the things that I writeBut I never will say
Yeah it probably take 21DaysMade this when I was 20Now I'm 21Life feel like PompeiLike just like anyoneCan come over and fuck up my dayBut I know that my life only really going one wayNow she out my mindTristate, still in jerseyThere no need to hurryStill hope she coming my waySo I'm really worried22 and things might not change
{Stupid Skit}"Yoo who wrote thatYoo that’s not trueYou're fired that’s not trueIt was funny."-Romanchikku"What's up?"-Love Guru"Why'd you write that?"-Romanchikku"I just wanted to help-."-Love Guru"*mocking sounds* you weren't helping anybody."-Romanchikku"I mean-"-Love Guru"What are you trying to do? Make me seem like a simp?You know-"-Romanchikku"You are a simp."-Love Guru"22 years and things might not change-
I don't want them to know that I'm not talking about
21 days
I'm talking bout 21 years."-Romanchikku"I don’t car-"-Love Guru"I'm talking bout 21 years that it's gonna takeFor me to get over this girl."-Romanchikku"I didn’t ask-"-Love Guru"I miss you-"-Romanchikku"Are u ok boss?"-Love Guru"Yo- why you looking so good on Instagram-Stop -stop smiling into the camera and -."
-Romanchikku"If you miss her you should probably just call her."-Love Guru"What's the next one? I'm bout to just call her."-Romanchikku"Alright"-Love Guru"Just gimme a second man."-Romanchikku*Phone ringing*

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