Gotham lyrics

Rodan - “Gotham”
[Emcee(s): Rodan]
[Producer(s): Al Shux (Original Instrumental from Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys - “Empire State of Mind”)] [Verse: Rodan]
Join me on the odyssey seeking out the newest
Ideologies. Executives set to chill, torturous
Hooks giving ‘em a sexual thrill. Songs
Is wack, took too long to come back, rhyming
Off-beat to the wrong tracks.  Frrraggot! You got a
Thong on your back. See, I’m wise and I’m humble, and as
I rise, I watch whole societies crumble. So much
Dough to get, act so inappropriate. Neo flow
So sick, separate that ridiculous-looking thing you
Call a head from those feeble-ass shoulders, separate
The pebble from the boulders. God keep getting stronger
As God grow older. Seven-Digit Nation
Feeling so real about the whole situation
Call 9-1-1, smoke dust from Osama
Who here could really trust Obama? I pay no attention to silly
Faggot-ass celebrities—it’s just a lust for drama
Give ‘em the knowledge wis’ on one, two, one, two. If you was
Paying close attention, y’all already know what we came to do
Rain where the rose growing, pain flows alone. Faggot
Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone
Urban bosses now the ones that joke
Don’t get it flossing—I’ll smack your motherfucking turban off
Arab money, red Irish, or black German, Timbs stay high
Kicks that crack your sternum. I paint the picture of reality
Of where blacks who’s earning and crackers are burning
Ultimate outcome’s what actual facts will determine
Now how many pussy emcees must get pistol-whipped?
The force of bloody screams go Rrro-Rodiculous
Screaming, “Fuck the police!” Peace to all my families
Grasshopper just “brrrrraattt!” popped the last cop up
Cop too fast? Just “pop,” leave him on an exodus
Leave him bleeding, in need of an exorcist. Mysteries of
Houdini, studied musical theory and acoustic history
From Wes Montgomery back to Pat Metheny
How pathetic—even though it’s only hypothetic
Theoretical genetics spark conditions, hearing endowed in the language
Inherited in the phonetics. It’s the same boat
Going through the same doors. I usually aim for the thrrrroat
Who knows just what I’m aiming for? Pursuing from escaping
Laying low with a spear and cape with a Jacuzzi in the basement
Pursuing my fate, consumed to bake, get room to prove
No room for debate, cocksucker, I’m the ever-living truth
View the hand clutching for a branch after the avalanche
Rodan the man that makes at least 45 rules in advance
You the king of lies, pretending to be the Lion King
You got a blind queen. Now I’m here to serve justice like
Supreme Court judge you don’t wanna see: righteous anger
Bashing on sanity, strike your faggot ass down like
A national calamity. Small, spoken fast or it
Must be quick. This bitch snitch, she would crawl over broken glass
Just to suck my BIC. Where the high-rollers
And gun-holders can’t bother ya, motherfucker, I’m colder than Antarctica
Blaze trees in the Sun, call me the Sol/Soul Gardener
AKA Plinko, the holy pardon ya
Shoot a hole through every part of ya. Sound good? Yeah, that’s nice
But is it really worth the ultimate sacrifice?
Nice on the block, but, in the real world, you suck. Said he
Used to box, brag about all the ring girls he used to fuck
Cerebral satellite, broadcast network, lethal
Battle site, with his beef beat, meat bloody and raw
Cracker, pass the ketchup like psycho of apocalypse
Cyclops, one eye flying over the skies of Metropolis
Pyramids built to conceal secrete conspiracies
Of spiritual documents. Y’all know Ro’ so deep
With the facts. Think I might be metalsexual the way
I sleep with the gats. You faggots is homo, metro
Sex in the City, wanna be pretty, wanna work with Diddy
Danity Kane, Doll Pussy-ass kitty-cats
Insist us to trust y’all pretentious fucks
So I keep my defenses up, smoke high-frequency dro
So my antennas don’t get stuck. High-density flow
Since Day One. All I know is how to continue to cultivate
My beginner’s luck, day-to-day perpetuals
Calm eternal winters touch, bitch. Fuck Mick
Jagger. With swagger, Mayweather be hot. Y’all already
Know I’m bowling for B-Rock. Crackhead, son of a Bush
Back up in detox. Rodan synonymous
To righteous elevation like Warlocks to D-Block, bitch

Rodan – Gotham

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