Lyrics from Snippets
Up in that dubbed out bucket
Now they getting fuzzy and they don't remember that
And I don't remember you
But you seen it coming, I know you seen it coming
Keep running, should've kept running
Goodbye my friend, I'm gone, the end
I won't find love again until I find everything we used to be
We used to be, yeah
Everything we used to be
We used to be, lookSitting in my feelings reminiscing 'bout the past
Young nigga [?] so we love so attached
I paint the wholе sky red, do you remembеr that?
I'm the one that saved the day, I'm the one that you would call on
But now you feel away, feeling I did you all wrong
I won't [?] for Christmas
On the porch [?] chase your dreams, do you remember?
'Cause I remember the day I knew you'd be stuck with me, baby
On the road doing shows, I told you come with me baby
We ended up in Atlanta, I fell in love with a dancer
Room 224, we on the second floor in the Hampton
From the bed to the floor, however much you can handle
But after this we got to go, I got business to do in Tampa
So deep in love, she the one that I was rolling with
So deep in love, she don't wanna go home again

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