[Intro: RMC Mike]
(Ooh, Sav killed it)
Bitch [Verse 1: RMC Mike]
I been runnin' up a check, I broke my hamstring
Mixin' Wockiana with the Tris, makin' champagne
Threw a hundred on my PLR, ain't gotta damn aim
Niggas hate the fact I'm comin' up, ain't that a damn shame?
Rio said his next piece gon' be a hundred-gram chain[Verse 2: Rio Da Yung OG]
No, Mike, a hundred-grand chain
Was just lookin' out for a raid, then the van came
Snapped my fingers twice, called the plug, a hundred grams came
I was tryna beat this bitch down, then her man came
The feds came with a— alright, ahh
The feds came with an indictment, then a hundred bands came[Verse 3: RMC Mike]
Bookbag got a hundred in it, broke the bed frame
Nigga ordered up some zazas, but regs came
Pop a nigga with my eyes closed, I got dead aim
Play with the bitch brain, get the neck, we playin' head games
40 slam a nigga on his neck if he run into it
Who woulda knew two years ago we'd be runnin' music?
Bitch pussy wet, but even better when I cum into it
I need 50K for this BIN, this punch exclusive
[Verse 4: Rio Da Yung OG]
I ain't steppin' in your club if I can't bring a gun into it
Pop a nigga in his belly button, he leak stomach fluid
I can't fuck my cougar bitch right now, me and her son into it
I probably got STDs, I just hit a hundred dookies
If I don't hit the nigga in his head, I bet my cousin do it
I know you love my music, I don't care, I ain't fuckin' groupies
Matter fact, bitch, let me see your fuckin' boobies[Verse 5: RMC Mike]
Bitch, pull your pants down, I'm finna stuff the coochie
I ain't an actor, I done made about a couple movies
I was buyin' lean from the bitch, I wasn't fuckin' Suzie[Verse 6: Rio Da Yung OG, Louie Ray & ]
Got the bitch number Monday night, we fuckin' Tuesday
Call Jay, he somewhere in Philadelphia fuckin' with Uzi
Press the trigger once and hold the bitch, it's a fuckin' Uzi
Got into some bullshit 'cause I fucked a groupie,
Jay and Ray just hopped on our song and they out in Cali
Popped an opp on Lyndon Road, me and Mike caught him walkin' out the Valley
Man, that nigga ain't shit, I'm talkin' 'bout my daddy
Thirty-hour session at Collective, Water popped an Addy[Verse 7: RMC Mike]
Bitch mad 'cause I ain't wanna get sexual, so I shot her daddy
Can't believe my nigga think he doin' somethin' 'cause he dropped a Chally
Nigga talkin' 'bout he bought a house, nigga, drop the addy
I got a lot of money on me now, but I pay with plastic
[Verse 8: Rio Da Yung OG & RMC Mike]
Made a half a million last year, but I just made a pallet
Spend my last dollar on some lean, but I had to have it
I just fucked a cute ratchet bitch on the inflated mattress
Nigga asked me can he buy some work? I probably ain't gon' have it
Bitch think her body is a temple, penetrate the palace
You could buy a whole brick or a half a basket
My daddy was there sometimes, I'm a half a bastard
This my first time hittin' her, should I grab a Magnum?
Cut his legs off and pop him, they gon' put him in a half a casket
I be gettin' high off old drank, it's a pterodactyl

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