RJ Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #018




[Verse 1]
May 26th, MrLA hit the itunes
For the rappers ridin' waves, this a typhoon
Sent a package on a plane with designer shoes
Takeoff red eye, don't arrive 'till high noon
A big boy, tell the labels bust that budget open
Sent a Benz through the mail and you don't owe me nothing
Blindsided to your face, never saw it coming
See my fade up in The Fader, now my barber buzzing
I done started something
Niggas switching on their team to be a part of something
F&N chopper bullets, push the starter button
I equipped it with the beam 'cause it's all or nothin'
Say you from your hood , why they don't call you nothin'
My niggas pop up at your door like you ordered somethin'
Pack your head up like a English muffin
Stack my bread up, really seen it poppin'
Being broke did somethin' to my spirit
Niggas actin' all holy but that Ghost be power steerin'
Seen niggas start a business just to let some niggas kick it
I ain't running from a ticket, that's a failure to appearance
I bet my yesterdays on a bigger future
I can get you through your mood or I can get a shooter
Yeah, we jumped out the Benz, now she in the Uber
Spilling tea to her friends, tryna get a proof of Big Mike
Sunset, ain't it a blessing
We made it off of furs after all that happened
After them kick doors, after the ratish
After that lil' black bitch, the one who ratted [Verse 2]
Ayy, YG, nigga, ain't it a blessing
I'm 4Hunnid Summers after all that happened
After the part ways, got back with Mustard, then y'all both signed me
Now we right back brackin', Pedro bitch
Off the money long as Fig Side, rich crimes, flip it ten times
I done did crimes, never switch sides, pimp strides
Yes,I smack hoes, yes, I smack tricks and I ride foreigns
Yes I keep sticks with the horse like I'm Ralph Lauren
Yes, I kept secrets from these hoes for my niggas, bro
And I called face in that red in my Figaro
You gon' miss your flights tryna catch subliminals
I got niggas fighting life like it's physical
The guy that went from sour milk up in my cereal
Now my every hour lookin' just incredible
LA Leakers, Mr L.A. out your speakers
I done cold shouldered divas, from Denver to Dinga
Look, I told them hoes come easy you're at my leisure
Had a nigga gettin' rich before the feature
Me and Quavo whippin' up with the blindfold
Me and ScHoolboy stompin' the Hennebeeto
So let me know what you can handle, it's that Soprano
OMMIO, mob ties, pick a side or choose a channel
I know for a fact that your bitch paying a nigga
Niggas bitch made, that's all that shenanan niggas
Table pills, my gratuity is rent to you niggas
Dirty money made the water look Flint to a nigga
I drowse my hands with these forty bands
I brought rap to the sand like we holdin' hands
Niggas respectin' what I'm sayin' and I make 'em dance
You put some bricks up in my hands, I probably buildin' dams
What you sayin' I done been around the land way before they make the grams
I had pictures kissing friends, takin' pictures like they fans
I done been around the bity, for else they got all the pico
Ate at every Roscoe's, , rivals to enemigos
Shutdown maestros, dress codes katana's for their clothes damn fleek
I was in there with my partner, on my momma I've been on, nigga
Forty summers, on my momma I've been on
4Hunnid summers, on my momma, I've been on
Hold the gram like a [??]

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