Ay, this that shit they be wanna hear Quan
This the Homie they be waiting on Quan
These niggas must've forgot
We'll show 'em then (Go) [Verse]
Still pulling up in a middle of the hood in a [?] drop top
You can ask [?] first young nigga park that Bentley in the middle of the block
And where I'm from don't come with that poppin' shit 'cause these young niggas over here robbing (I swear these young niggas don't play by me)
These young niggas over here starving
Guetto boy play, guarantee he'll eat
Got it out the mud, nigga look at my feet (Ay thеse ain't even comе out yet)
The last one it was on you, then went on me
I was in the penthouse, smoking on top floors, chilling in the suite that's when shit got sweet
I couldn't even eat when they killed lil C
I told my Momma don't worry 'bout stress, when she got problems to put 'em on me
I remember starving with [?]
I done came a long way from that driveway now it's marble on my feet
Gotta keep that 40 on my jeans in case a target on me
I was told to never settle, wanted to be with you forever but I don't know no more
I don't know no more, I don't know no more
I don't know no more, I don't know no more, I don't know no more (I don't know no more)
I don't like hoes who basic, I don't like too much makeup
Hell I don't even like sitting in my car too long, they know I'm too impatient, lil nigga face it
I pull up in a spaceship, this 600 spacious
I might go boss up on my neighbor and buy some more acres (Talk to 'em Quan)
I remember going to school and ain't had no paper
Thinking 'bout putting hundred thousand in my school now 'cause I got a little paper
I ain't crashing out for no dumb shit when my people needing me
A lot of these niggas scared of money 'cause they too worry 'bout what people think
And I don't give a fuck about what people think

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