[Verse 1: Psiklone]
Kick back, grab your roach and Rizla, roll a jigger
Spark it and join me for this motion picture
Hand it to the camera man
I taxi more zoots than cabs and trams and camper-vans in Amsterdam
Spaced out, munching cookies, bunning zoobies
A thick mist creeping out from under hoodies
Drop hot rocks the size of suns
Hit bongs and breathe green smog from fiery lungs
Crashing out like stunt teams, hungry
Raid the fridge for munchies like monkeys from Jumanji
Trippin’ sittin’ down, the room is spinnin’ round
My shrink is now shrunk ’til he’s fizzled out
Exhale nimbus clouds, smoking skunk so I stay fucked
Wake up, roll my tongue and blaze my taste buds
Cold winter daze, numb as ice in a haze
Bedroom window frame on summer nights with your mates
So, why wait for Western medicine?
When I can cope my way
And smoke high grade for chest infections
Mind raising sense perception, I make direct connections
With lives made of recollections
In the lab we get high off chronic blast
And play traffic lights ’til my red eyes are stopping cars
This stoner’s cataclysmic
Roll spliffs so big the smoke rings turn passive smokers paralytic
I got a slight problem, I smoke weed too much...
Lungs hold so much skunk they're like a chest of drawers...
If I do start to smoke weed.....won't breath out for a whole week and OD I got a slight problem, I smoke weed too much...
We don't give a fuck.... when we smoked out
In the land that's doped out (It's like that?)[Verse 2: Plazma]
I won’t make the decision to break the addiction
I’ll hit the green ’til I reach a higher plane of existence
THC remains in my system
As long as street hustlers keep smugglin’ grade for a livin’
But chronic’s not for abuse, used to get a confidence boost
But over the years, my tolerance grew
When I’m offered a zoot, I won’t often refuse
Everyone’s “giving up” but nobody follows it through
But I’ll give up some other day, build up another J
My love for skunk just munched my monthly wage
Overfiends roam the streets smoking green
Looked upon us hopeless seeds with broken dreams
Take up drug smugglin’ and fuck tough punishments
Handed out by our unjust government
Both my eyes the color of blood, always buzzing off skunk
Due to London’s abundance of drugs
Mary Jane’s got me under the funk, kept in my home
Enjoys consumin’ my time and spendin’ my dough
Kick back and enter the zone, the Incredible Hulk
That relies on skunk to stunt my skeletal growth
I was heavily stoned sessions ago
But there’s five-man to a zoot, someone ain’t gettin’ a toke (nope!)
It’s the one and only Plazma, provokin’ cancer
Smokin’ ganja just to control my anger
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