Strange and Eternal lyrics

"Woe be unto he whose eyes gaze upon this cursed text"
The mystic warned me in my dreams
I felt her presence, her visions were so real
I must admit that this ancient tome seemed insignificant at first
But with each passing chapter I unlocked its curse
The curse of maddening whispers
Behind my eyes I see the Yellow Sign

Strange is the night where black stars risе
His symbol emblazoned in my mind
Removal of thе pallid mask reveals what lurks behind

As my obsession grew each day I become more withdrawn
Shunning my loved ones, refusing all visitors
Isolated in my reading chambers
Sleep deprived and extremely dehydrated
In fever dreams his voice resonates deep within my soul
I search for him under surreal moons pacing the eternal lake
Breaking down the door my family frantically searches my room
Only the tome remains, I've vanished without a trace

Where black stars hang in the heavens
Is where he waits for me
Enrobed by his aura
I take the hand of the Yellow King

He who eats time
Emperor of this ageless plane
Encircled by nighted towers
His fathomless glare now upon me

As the twin suns sink behind the lake
The shadows lengthen in dim Carcosa
Strange moons circling throughout the skies
But stranger still is lost Carcosa
Songs that the Hyades shall sing
Must die unheard in silent Carcosa
Where celestial tears are forever shed
I lay my head in lost Carcosa

Revocation – Strange and Eternal

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