Trade-offs lyrics

Label the fear
Pushing down
To combat
Losing light

Gaining your ground

Stoking your drive
With some tricks
For the mind
Stop fucking around

Calm down for the fix
Trust dreams we have record of

Show me then
Take me to the future
Show me when
We had bonfire pits burning steady
I’m asking you
Show me when
All my blessings catch up to my wants
Show me
How to be right now

Baby you’re all that i want
That’s not true but you’re all that i need
And in the sense that i mean it, it’s perfect
My commitments are tiered by my deeds
And i am present with you

Think about my hairdo
Not you and me on this island
Stupid shit that my brain will chase
Fools me, i think that i’m trying
To sacrifice, make the most of time
Getting things done and then dying
Tell me you love me
With that i can make it til "then"

Ooh, this the one
Spend my time moving opinions into junk
When i could be loving you
That’s a two for none
Trust yourself and never lose someone
Who puts
Your best interests over moods they’re on
And I
Will be great for you
But you’re happy either way

But the rent’s still rising
Trade-offs to find the best way through
I stopped calling every day
We’ll do so much more
When i catch a break

I’m not satisfied with getting a pass
Give me everything or put me in last
Where i belong
I have opportunities that don’t come back
If there ever were a moment to be made, it’s that
I just gotta ask
How many years should i keep building my past
Tag me out so i can live while it lasts
Maybe my discussion topics get too abstract
I need to touch and feel the world

But when i have some time to kill
I just mostly feel impatient
What would i rather do anyway
Not less purpose, just more space

Restless Modern – Trade-offs

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