[Intro: The Jacka]
On the dance floor I'm on as fxxx
Dancin' with a girl I just wanna fxxx
Big fat tits they hard as fxxx
They telling me my nxxxxx are in the front [Verse 1: Remy R.E.D]
Pull up in a drop, Remy shots in the coup
Got a whole flock and they keep me in the loop
My girl got a girlfriend and they both cute
And we party til' the world end cuz' we got juice
Henny on the rocks in my birthday suit
Bottles get popped go crazy on the roof
Bad bxxxxx all around gettin lit in my booth
And when the lights go down gon' show me what it do[Hook: Ellah, The Jacka]
We fly with the top down
Bottles go pop now
She a bad one
If you don't know then you ain't never had one
(Cuz she go crazy) X4
Makе it drop down
Make it drop down
(Cuz she go crazy)
Make it drop down
Makе it drop down
(Cuz she go crazy)
[Verse 2: The Jacka]
Sorority girls came real thick
Send the Dj a bottle up real quick
We never petty is you ready for this real shit
Kinda nxxxxx that you wanna come around with
Sweetheart see the club with a convict
I guess ya'll ain't never been around this mob sxxx
All around the world stay Mackin'
Get rich worst thing that can happen
Cuz everywhere I go the say J A
Gettin rich but a nxxxx still the same way
Bxxxxx see the bull and they go wild
Cuz we the illest nxxxxx in the world now[Hook]

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