[Verse 1: The Jacka]
Your girl hit a cartwheel when she see my dxxx
Took her to the vill now it's in her lip
Talking to myself while I'm ountin' check
Stick around if you don't love me yet
Quarter pound I'm only rollin jets
Same time bout to po' a brick
Cuz that shiny got me on this shit
Dumb turnt but they know I'm rich
Everywhere I go I'm on a bitch
Ye ain't never heard a song like this
Don't leave the party til' it's Over With
Hit song and it go like this (hey) [Hook: The Jacka}
On the Dance bitches hands on my dxxx
Let's just fxxx and get it over with
Let's just fxxx and get it over with
Let's just fxxx and gеt it over with[Verse 2: Remy R.E.D]
My weed loud like the audio
If you a frеak, let your body go
She put it on me like cardio
Lets just fxxx and get it over with, adios
From the hood, but she know me from the barrio
Hella thick on my dxxx like a naughty hxx
We in the mix like you heard us on the radio
I'm not a player but you never gonna play me though
You ever been this high before?
We smoke Kush in a Back no Optimo
After the party we at the show
And while you cuff em' we just fxxx em' and letting' them go (go)[Hook][Verse 3: K-Loc]
K-Loc always hight when I stomp through
Follow no rules do what I want to
When the funk jump hit em' with the one, two
And beat ya ass til' ya face turn red and blue
Lil' mama on my line like she want dxxx
Lets just fxxx right now and get it over with
Right here right now ain't no better place
Only here for the night ain't no time to waste
Yea she hit a backflip when she felt dxxx
I ain't put it all in just gave her tip
Curled up my toes when I felt lip
So I fired up the blunt and just kept it lit[Hook]

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