WasItAnAccident? lyrics

[Chorus: johnrefe]
Still remember the time when we first met
My hands were shaking you're so cold you had me frozen
Couldn't think of the words i was so nervous
And when you said hello i knew that you were perfect
Was it an accident when u put your hand on mine in the backseat?
Mine in the backseat
Was it an accident when u put your hand on mine in the front seat?
And told me that you loved me [Verse 1: johnrefe]
I'm waiting here right where you left me
It thought you'd notice I'd stayed behind
And as the nights pass
I feel frustrated
Your voice the only thing on my mind
'Cause I can't hear you from where you are
Remember the nights spent in the car
When we would drive for miles just to get away
From all the things that our friends would say[Instrumental Break][Verse 2: johnrefe]
Now I spend my time thinking if you think of me
But I know that you never would you are so lovely
I guess it was an accident when I kissed you
But I can't get you out my brain and I miss you

Refe – WasItAnAccident?

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