[Intro: johnrefe]
It's been two years since I've seen you
But i can't forget your face
You had me something, sort of charmed
Talked about you for days
And I'm still feelin' sore from how i let u get away
So until i see you again, I'll practice what I'll say [Verse 1: joshrefe]
But in the meantime, i need some me time
And i know someday that both of us will be fine
But as for right now, I'm taking flight now
And i can't come down
'Cause it is way too late to work on "us" now[Verse 2: king christian]
You're still trippin' off what i said
Acting like you know whats been happening in my head
I'm pretending i can't hear you
I guess I'm moving on
From now on I'll see you in my rearview[Bridge: joshrefe]
This day was comin' fast
Good things they never last
Don't call me when you get home
[Verse 3: johnrefe]
And i know it's plain to see
I'vе been trying too hard
To just get on without you
But that's the hardest part[Chorus: Joshrеfe, johnrefe, and King Christian]:
I can see you in my rearview
Trippin' all over your words
Tied yourself to the car now
Saying "it'll be okay"
It's wrong that you're like this
Acting so spineless
Now I see you in my rearview

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