PlzDontBInLuv lyrics

[Verse 1: johnrefe]
I Thought I saw our shadows walking together
Hand in hand thru forever
We could leave here whenever
I still feel like I'm living in October
Over and over again; again [Verse 2: joshrefe]
The leaves were changing but we didn't notice
The sun hit the water
When we were the closest
You shine like an angel
Descended from my head
And back into my heart again
Again[Verse 3: johnrefe]
Now, I count leaves as they fall
And when I dream, you're in them all
Your eyes would sparkle and you would laugh
Wake up and wish you never left[Verse 4: joshrefe]
Because I knew you didn't wanna believe
And I could tell that you just wanted to leave
This time, I won't come back
You can end us here
You can't erase what we had

Refe – PlzDontBInLuv

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