Overdose lyrics

[Verse 1: joshrefe]
Petals decomposing on my bedroom floor
I need you here like the water in the dirt
I'm wilting all alone in the low light
Just leave me alone I'll be alright
I feel dangerous
I can't relate shit
When I come in the room they wanna take pics
But I still cant explain anything I wanna say, shit [Verse 2: yungjzaisdead]
My heart is hanging in a slipknot on your front porch
Told me it was over in your front door
But still remember how it feels when our skin touched
And how I'm perfect, I was never enough
The next morning, you just left me thеre
You just left me thеre and told me
Breaking hearts is just a hobby that you have [?]
Was I just nothing to you?
Nothing at all that matters, oh, oh[Verse 3: johnrefe]
I cant wait to spend the spring with you
Inverted crosses on her wrist, you're so true
She said she's feeling like she overdose
And I cant help but say, "I told you so"

Refe – Overdose

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