[Verse 1: e_rich]
Blood drops falling from my finger tips
The Sidewalk in Berlin is such a nice place to sit
It's hit or miss and I love that hit
I'm glad you quit but I miss your cigarette kiss
Grey rain drops hit my face so soft
Just like your skin and all the emotions you brought
You're on my mind when I'm lost in thought
Balance me out, I just can't stop [Bridge: e_rich]
Let's take a walk, just to talk
Getting lost on every block[verse 2: joshrefe]
Black ravens at my funeral
Sitting next to me
You were so beautiful, we melted in ecstasy
Hannah killed me with her lips, like morphine
She did everything to torturе me
From Berlin to Moscow
This feeling that I must have
I'll nеver forget
I'll never erase
We must reconstruct
We must put this monument back in place[Instrumental Break][Verse 3: johnrefe]
We would talk there for hours on end
You'd sink into my head
Tear me open from the inside out
Watching movies on the couch
And we made plans to see
Germany and France but it seems
Your spaceship took off without me
I wonder can you see me from the next galaxy
You said that we were best friends
But I'm pathetic
Remind me not to bother you at all again

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