That's How It Is (It's Like That)




[Verse 1]
Well, it's the Funk Doctor Spot, the pon cock lyricist
My mentality's so def, yo, I ain't even hearin' this shit
Biscuits be cockin' back when I be coming
I guess they heard how I be takin' MC's out by the hundreds
Wanted for two million and a body alone
And use the microphone as my accomplice
Scientist still trippin', thinkin'
What the fuck is this funky fungus that growed amongst us?
Yo, the long faced murderer
Servin' over two billion motherfuckers a day like Mickey D's circular
Workin' a shifty hour like a burglar
My crew herbin' ya like we nevеr even heard of ya
Odds arе evens that I'ma be the one creepin'
My new niggas check the flows of the major deacon
The bizarre, the rap non-superstar
When I step up, I pump volume like Ra' [Hook]
Ayo, Redman's (killin')
My block be (killin')
Yo, Jersey be (killin')
The Bricks be (killin')[?] gettin' dough
That's, that's how it is
That's, that's how it isAyo, New York be (killin')
Yo, Brooklyn be (killin')
Up top be (killin')
Yo, my crew be (killin')[?] gettin' dough
That's, that's how it is
That's how it is[Verse 2]
Come closer while I lock it down like I'm supposed ta
You battle me, you won? You might have, but then you woke up
My turbulence will make peanut butter choke up
Call me the Brick City, Stock Cock Broker
Y'all niggas is fools, playin' with hood moves
You couldn't total my amount if you sung "I Missed You"
Dissed you, dismissed you, yeah, I fixed you
Let your girl suck on the shit that I piss through
I step it up a notch, my block bes
Consecutively the champ of smoking weed
If you was righteous, with a third eye you couldn't see
That I drop phenomenal degrees, nah girl you can't
Have my seed, you wanna see what I can offer
But I don't need no bitch yellin' "That's my baby father!"
Shotgun cocked back for action
Have the Lex in the land till I macked them
Bring it back one time![Hook]
Ayo, ayo
Redman (killin')
Yo, Murray be (killin')
Yo, E Double be (killin')
Def Squad be (killin')[?] gettin' dough
That's, that's how it is
That's how it isD.C. be (killin')
Yo, Virginia be (killin')
Yo, Cali be (killin')
Yo, B. More be (killin')[?] gettin' dough
That's how it, that's how it is
That's how it is[Verse 3]
I know I don't makes this, because I make dollars
Got my partner in crime Keith to hush up the rah-rah
Beefs sizzle better on concrete streets
Where the mentality together be, "ready or not!"
Bricks coming through with tricks, I throw down the white castle
To get a bitch, who's on a dick, for the whip
The lyricist, the shit, I explode to four blips
That put Time Warner on the fritz
You bitches act like you want it, then come and get it
I keep 'em hidin' out like cosmetics
In alphabetical order, it's already slaughter, forget it
I was the only funk nigga until my style spreaded (rock on)
I bes uptown like J. Blige (rock on)
Roll the dutch, I love gettin' high
Watch my [?], I payed dues already
I'm about to get, like Slick Rick jewels, real heavy[Hook]
Ayo, Redman (killin')
My niggas be (killin')
Yo, my bitches be (killin')
Japan be (killin')[?] gettin' dough
That's, that's how it is
That's, that's how it isAyo, ayo
One deuce be (killin')
PPP be (killin')
L.O.D. be (killin')
Yo, my niggas be (killin')[?] gettin' dough
Knockin' niggas the fuck out
That's how it is
That's, that's how it is[Outro]
Rock on
Rock on
Rock on
[?] gettin' dough
Rock on
Rock on
Rock on

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