Omen III (Intro) lyrics

The following program is brought to you by the most refreshing smoke of all- [Verse 1]
Yeah, we just chilling, smoking
Ash on my shirt with the holes in it
Anxiety meds, we packing bowls with it
Laughing and no one’s cracking jokes, shit
I’m high as fuck
Highest I been in a minute, I’m feeling up
Struggling with bills, really I’m stuck
All up in my feels, unless I’m in the club
I’m doing shows now
I’m getting paid, holding blades, feeling old now
How’d we get here? I don’t know how
Looking down and see clouds, they say I’m underground
Feel like every time I ask where we really are I get the runaround
So turn that down, let me know for real
Y’all got shit to want, I got shit to heal
Should bе headed to a shrink, shit, I’m headеd to a deal
For real[Bridge]
Omen three
[Verse 2]
Aye, Aye, rent’s paid and I feel a lil better
I’m cheesing now but still ain’t got no cheddar
When the next check come through I’mma smoke
When the next check come through it’s from a show
Aye, I’m heading out of state Friday
2016 I ain’t even have a driveway
I ain’t even have a bedroom, thought I would be dead soon
Now the Wizxrd casting spells under a red moon, getting bread too
It’s crazy
I’m still behind, I don’t wanna overstate it
But those past struggles are my motivation
As long as my people good I made it, aye[Verse 3]
After the rainbow, where the fuck’s my pot of gold?
Feeling low, so I get high on the pot I hold
It’s two options, shit or get off the pot, I’m told
By other ain’t shit dudes, kettle meet pot, ohhh, shit
Unfuckwittable wit, they talk down to me because they forget
They don’t see me on fire, keeping it 100 like a cigarette
And I won’t lie, no regrets, that’s got me out here pitching a fit
But fuck I look like bitching, just spit
Uh, I’m not paying to get in, I could get used to this
Hit up the stage and I’m anxious, know the crowd feel like I’m new to this
But only this live shit, we going on eleven years I’ve been writing
And shit I think I’m just vibing, since 2018 I’ve been high, man
Omen three
Red Wizxrd
Red Wizxrd – Omen III (Intro)

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