Say she need me oh
Ima be there
She don't believe me though
Don't believe in me oh
Baby take my hand and just trust me and see oh
I cannot be the one to take and deceive
I am not the guy to go ahead and cause a scene oh
These bros
These bros
I am not like these bros
These hoes
These hoes
You are not like these hoes [Love James]
She is not no hoe, no
At least from what I know
Know of her
But if I catch her slipping she can go
Leave her wet on the floor
Leave regrets at the door
That's all that I know
I like it better when were naked
Feel the good vibrations
[Lake Blake]
That boy cannot save your
And he’s such a lame I
You don’t have to stay just
You don’t have stay just
Leave him like a lane switch
And I can make get your face so numb
If you catch my dick it’s in her throat
Hoes be dripping throat
If you wanna get it baby please just let me know
And if you wanna let me go
Don’t ever come back it's over
I ain’t gonna play that no sir[Juddy]
Think I met you on a Saturday
(Fucked her on a Saturday)
How could i forget her face
(How could I forget her face)
And I’ve never felt this before
Ooohh we ooh
She could be my referee
(Cause she’s always judging me)
She’s on my team cause she’s in love with me
(On my team cause she’s in love with me)
I feel the same so baby please don’t ignore

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