(2Pac intro)
When I got to Oakland, that's when I learned the game
And I just saw it, I saw it Oakland, I saw it living in Oakland, I saw it thriving in Oakland
And that's, that was never in no other city I lived in
So I give all my love for Oakland, if Ima claim somewhere
Ima claim Oakland, Oakland got they got the playas
They got Section 8, they got Richie Rich
They got The Governor, they got Too Short
They got E-40, they got Tha Clique
The Bay Area's movig sum', you know what I'm sayin'?
Don't get it twisted, it's like they got
They whole new evolution of music that's comin' out
Niggas that's rappin' from their heart
They not takin' any other's style
They just do it! (Hook)
To live and die in the Bay (it's the place to be)
You gotta be here to know it (everybody wanna see)
To live and die in the Bay
To live and die in the Bay
(Rayven Justice)
To live and die in the Bay
Niggas grinding trynna make a way (make a way)
Every place I've been, it ain't shit like where I stay
East Oakland is where I'm from, first place to go stupid, go dumb
On mamas, if ya didn't know, it's the same place uncle Too Short from
Everybody wanna sound just like this
Everybody wanna just talk like this
Everybody wanna just dance like this
That's why... I say...
(Show Banga)
(Bay Area) Uh, to lay it down, let's go
If only you'd really know, like all the game that I can
Real talk, place right here, that's no lie, I swear
Ask Philmore Slip, uh, he'll tell you it's real
I sold 200 & she set my appeal
I can neva be a hater, I dunno how it feel
I'm the man of my city, I'm expanding fo' real
It's the bay where the mob is the call how to live
Mac Dre was finna blow right before he got killed
I'm the man, finna do it, I done signed me a deal
They was taking my style you should tellem 'to chill'(Hook)
(J Stalin)
Hella bad bitches on my line, tho
All I'm sayn, don't frisk on me and my nigga
Keep it poppin', that's Chris go
Fresh outta jail, that's why I'mma go
Back to the turf, like I neva left
Back to the kitchen, bitch, I've been a chef
I been all around the world, ain't nothin' like the west
Know a few real niggas comin' out the ricks
My Vallejo niggas ain't neva been a bitch
Berkeley niggas been getting chips
And city niggas been having bricks
My APA niggas been with the shit
(Kool John)
I say I from the Bay but I'mma die in the rich
I'm a high ass nigga, I'mma die with a zip
I'mma die with some money, need my daughter a wheel
Where you from around niggas hard to kill
Lovin' this independent grind, fuck a record deal
Man, 'em cookies and that swerve made me hecka still
I pop a bottle, take a sip and let the rest spill
I'm chargin' for my services, tryna stack up a mill
I keep my hoes in line, like a fire drill
And every time I get payed I hear the chronic wheel
And the bay bitches got it and I gotta have it
You can me in the riches, I'mma die to ride 'em(Hook)

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