Ayo, Parker, this is heat, bro
Uh, yeah
Hold up
Uh, yeah Don't talk unless you gon' back it up (Woo)
Don't divide unless you gon' add it up (Yeah)
All my line of stress keeps stackin' up
And not that the test was bad enough
Ayy, game time, padded up, high horse, saddle up
Flashing cameras, life seem glamerous
But's so challengin', my time management
Everything, plan again
Ayy, woah
Life smacked me in the face like "Be an adult"
There's way too many things that I didn't know
Could blame my parents for evadin' that role
Ayy, woah
Flaky friends are droppin', it's hella cold
Oppers callin', gotta put you on hold
Live in new and then killin' the old
Ayy, woah

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