[Verse 1: Ravi]
I knew a kid who wanted every car he ever seen
He was hard as Harlem streets, he was dead at seventeen
He bedded the Devil long before he could get to dream
Gripping metal on mezzanine, some shit he’s never seen What’s it all mean? Whose story are you living?
Is it a tale of glory or historical fiction?
Is the veil’s distortion over the poor and afflicted
Worth the payload disproportion at the core of thе vision?On a rocketship touring the whole coordinatе system
With a crew whose self-importance has distorted mission
We spend most our time fighting, fucking or floating
ID crisis of the self-defined messiahs self-loathingIn the iris we plead and cry for something like emotion
But then beat the inner child when they’re left out in the open
Who said you were awoken? If it's the one that put you under
You can never really know if you’ve risen from the slumber[Hook: hq0]
Can’t win you if you don’t play, they say, hey, take a number
It’s the same game every age, no place for wonder
So concentrate or suffer, learn to desecrate the Other
If your nervous take an upper it dont work then take another
[Verse 2: hq0/Ravi]
It’s all work, so ever upward, but don’t hurt to take a buffer, We’ve been burnt and came asunder turned to vermin made of hunger
My entire nervous system is tryna catch a break from thunder
My reliance on my captors was the trait that pulled me underI can find a star collapsing or a snowflake in the summer
I can hide up in the attic, I can run and duck for cover
My survival ain’t a tactic, it’s the primal state encumbered
By the cognitive entrapments from the violence hate and plunderSide note: I’m unwell, ditched the gin on some principle
Still miserable and only slightly less difficult
Highly recommended by the lowliest of criminals
High-key inventive yet so gross he’s invisibleEye the deeper sediments, then realign the visual
Keep on setting precedents but otherwise I’m minimal
Stopped seeking evidence to convince a certain strata
And ever since these sellouts been a feature of my dataMove on, its not advice its a song for swan
We regret to inform you the Congress is not your mom
We’re not blessed with a fortune or the beneficence of order
Just some stressed benefactors of a never-ending torture[Outro: Kwame Ture]
Now, I’ve been mentioning the word “revolution” quite a bit and maybe we oughta talk about it
When I use the word “revolution” I mean a complete
A complete and thorough and dialectical changing from one system to the next
A complete, thorough, dialectical changing of one system
To another
Thus, for me, there is no chance for revolution to come about without armed struggle
There isn’t possibility for it
There must be armed struggle involved
I’m a revolutionary, I’m not a reformist
I want the American system destroyed
It must be destroyed
And has to be replaced
It has to be replaced
There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it

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