This is an unusual type of selection [Pre-Verse Babble]
Oh shit
Ya’ll wanna talk about money?
Okay, let’s talk about money
Finance capital, baby
Let’s go[Verse 1: hq0]
Floating through the air, capture in a bit
Right under your nose, hides the assets of the rich
How you have a revolution when the movements all in splits
And the rulers traffick humans with a few computer clicks?
Blueprints produced, a few lunar events
And the ruins start to turn into community tents
Where everywhere’s a viewing of blues and stress
And only unity could move the looming spectre of death
They ask what s the effort, I respond with a question
Their answer was lecture, my laughter was a lesson
They asked “Who is George Jackson” and I couldn’t wait to tell him
They all left with a butterscotch, and came back as a felon
I didn’t get it all wrong
But still too much regression to try and flex up in song, I am only ever-present
A lot to work on, the cishet alone is reckless
Not to mention its connected to a colonized perspective
If you could follow the prophecy you could probably see
That's the central conflict is writ in the POV
I skipped the DOE got degrees in smoking trees
Pissed off some mealy whites for my people overseas
These days many see but seldom do any speak
No assembly required the trend is rendered complete
The jesters and the sires found a quiet place to speak
And since no one discerns between the circus and the streets
How many more wordsmiths does the world really need?
When we’re all courting the same distributive means?
Not me, I’m just playing with every way to rip through beats
While the rising Dragon shakes off the milieu of the sleep
[Outro: Michael Parenti]
For 400 years
The capitalist European and North American powers
Have carved out and taken
The timber, the flax, the hemp
The cocoa, the rum, the tin
The copper, the rubber, the bauxite
The slaves and the cheap labor
They have taken out of these countries
These countries are not underdeveloped
They’re overexploited

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