[Verse 1: hq0]
You clones don’t want the drama, I’m Yuri Kochiyama
I’m Papa, but non grata, I’m Rev Wright, you Obama
I’mma goner onna journey no jewelry to move me
I’mma cheese pizza center slice, you’re Jim Belushi I’m on the set of a movie where the key light is the sun
The B line story rewrite might be the only one
The producer losing cheese every time we fuck it up
And you might not even believe but thе EP come in drunkTried to slug it with the dudе that holds the boom mics and lose
Like you might be big upstairs, but don’t ever touch the crew
Don’t get the shit confused we took abuse for food
And if lunch don’t come through soon lunch is gon be youLumped in with the lumpen since a motherfuckin munchkin
Out here puffin, drunk, struttin, bumpin up to something
Can someone here plug em? At least scare em with some frontin
Feds wanna cuff em but touch em and he fuckin uppercuts emCan’t tell if he’s bluffin, the poker face dont break
But was it really a game if he hold it to the grave?
I’ve been warming up for years before you got to this place
And I just pick my own flowers the louders hate
It’s the source of the aim, a mountaintop vision
Courting the brain to what the fountain got in it
You can't keep the people tamed if their children aren’t livin
So the army you been building will come to know their position[Hook: Ravi]
Dead man walkin lead black cauldron
Get mad often and my set lack caution
Jet lagged offa breadth that craft called ihim
Destined to slap yet depressin as last call is

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