[Sample: Dionne Warwick]
"I can't wait until I see my
My baby's face when I tell him that I'm through" [Verse 1: Rapsody]
He don't think I know his move
That he leave the house everyday between 1PM and 2
I notice every time she call he leave the room
The volume on his phone up and I know it ain't no dude, nigga
I know the signs I've been around a block or two
My mama and my aunties and my grandma gave me jewels, nigga
I had my homegirls watching when you made your move
They followed you around the town and even sent me pictures too, you stupid
When I pull up in that black thing and you lie like prove it
I'ma show you date and time, every new receipt, every movie
I'm a OG, you a fucking student
Your boys are even looking at you like you fucking stupid
They probably told you "don't be out here flossing her so loosely"
They probably told you I'm a good thing and better not lose me
Got me sitting in the rain while ya'll sip on D'Ussé
When you turn that corner with her, whew boy that's gon' be a doozy
I should have known, your baby momma called she told me truth
She said you called your son and told him he weren't yours and that you're moving
Uh, that's some pussy shit, punk shit
Have you up in county nigga laying on top bunk shit
While I'm sipping on this Sunkist
Laughing at you running around thinking that you run shit
Yeah I'mma let you have your fun shit
But you don't know she got a boyfriend, he be on that gun shit
[Jay-Z sample]
Okay, I'm reloaded[Martin Lawrence stand up sample]
Go in the closet, put on your "Fuck him" dress
Go to the club
Fuck him, girl[Verse 2: Rapsody]
Ain't no putting up with that
Y'all ain't talked since yesterday
He said he would call you back, I mean shit (Fuck him, girl)
He ain't go no job yet, you ain't met his mama and they live together, how's that?
Nah, girl (Fuck him, girl)
Oh, you went and read his texts
He's still talking to old girl
He say they just friends
Nah, come on, she want to (Fuck him, girl)
Love, he got an attitude, look
This what you gon' do
The next time that he touch you
You just don't (Fuck him, girl)
He don't help you with the bills
Eat your food, and drive your car
And never tells you where he is, hell naw (Fuck him, girl)
Oh you know he got a daughter
What would you tell her if she ever came to you with problems
He said (Fuck him, girl)
But on the flip if he a good one
And he's fine, never lying
Then girl you better run home and (Fuck him, girl)
'Cause these tricks they be lying
I see 'em when we walking
Looking at my man, I know they wanna (Fuck him, girl)
Fuck that nigga
Fuck him, girl
Fuck him, fuck his mama
Fuck his sister
I should have fucked his nigga
Who tried to come at me
Fuck him
He was a fuck nigga from the beginning
He ain't have no money
His friend's dick was probably bigger anyways
Should have never fucked with that fuck ass nigga
When I pulled up on him with that bitch at his mama's house
I should have beat her ass
Fuck that bitch
I should have listened to his mama
When she told me he was a fuck nigga
Just like his daddy, another fuck nigga
That shit run in the genes
Nigga was broke anyway
Had to lend that nigga money too many fucking times
Still ain't got all my shit back
Fuck that nigga
(Fuck him, girl)

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