[Produced by Khrysis] [Intro]
Here comes a change and another change
And another change and another wave of change
Like a heartbeat coming from another world
[Verse 1: Rapsody]
I burn, bush on Sinai
None higher than I
Roll up, like that good kush that they've been smokin' since 5
Pull out like 2 9’s and I aim it dead at they eyes
And tell them lyrically motherfucker you have met your demise
Jedi, the black chapter
Like the bone in they thigh been hip to the game niggas lame
I am July working my fire
Know to fucking light up the sky
UFO with the flow, I’m like that alien guy
ET, high power, I three, I see
With it, lyrically niggas never touching us sick
A cell, hard to pass me, I’m too cold they ain’t well

I gel, with black hippie Monáe Janelle
A droid
, roid, hemmed in they pit, niggas smell
The shit coming through, silver-back monkey at zoo
Bananas, I've been really forreally like a milli leroux
East side, now show respect cause the west coming through
It’s like lyrically Big and Pac, man if they friendship was cool
Motherfucking jams we making until the skies turn blue
My view is by Badu sitting at window seats
Lookin' down, word to Nate Dogg, and all dog pounds they he peep
We high, touching the sky now and the rest of 'em sheep
I’m that ba-ba black one now standing out in the heap
Buh-baa, but brag, I part rappers, fingers on Chad
From the rad and so-so's I top, most niggas that lag
Behind, never they catch up like the britches they sag
Close to fallin' off, I'm in front I'm the jag on the jag
Catch up, catch us, good luck like clover niggas now gag
Throw up your 3 for K-dot, now wave 'em repping the flag
Jamla, camera, I snap like ginger cookies, a monster with stanzas
Stand us, they can't Walker Texas, I’m rangers at ranches
Out of their ranges
Kickin shit up now these niggas can’t stand up
Sit down I'm too fuckin' profound, I'm rap Diddy to strangers, I’m gone[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Look into the new vision in mind
Kendrick divine intervention, I drop a jewel and the diamonds glisten
Don’t chime in my business you’ll run into atomic collision
You knew my colonic was different
I’m shitting on shit that was shifting your image

I rhyme like a chemist
I rhyme like the Guinness book of records was records I written
I rhyme and you mimic the rhyme that I didn't like when I did it
You bit it
Your bite is so big you need bridges at night, and 9th can admit it
The pint that Hennessy spiked this minute a mic and a menace
And time is dependent on what you pretending to be
Your grind is diminished by me and mine is the menace the preach
I'm findin my soul on this beat definin' my flow
And you know I fold any foe at defeat its 4 in the morning
Formin a George Foreman that's a grill when I speak and I'm on it
Till the mill in the jeep then living orders
I feel like feets of the fortune of gorgeous of bitches I see when recordin sheesh

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