[Intro: Rapsody]
Ooh, they gon’ be mad
They gon’ be big mad
Tell ‘em why you mad son
(Why you always gotta be so mad) [Verse 1: Rapsody]
You gettin’ on my nerves a bit
Told me one thing I found out that weren’t so accurate (mad)
You drove my car, ain’t put no gas in it
One on one until you sleepy
But the boys holla you out til 6 nigga, you Dracula (mad)
Oh, oh ok you actin’ up
Yea I’m big mad after I vent though I’m good afterwards (mad)
Black love they still attackin’ us
Tellin’ us how to feel and react
Chill, you ain’t as black as us (mad)
Wait a minute watch your tone with me
Don’t come for the throne
Remember youngin’ you ain’t grown as me (mad)
Dot called me for a feature spot
You felt you shoulda been the one so you treat me funny
Now I gotchu (mad)

Like when I’m trippin’ and emotional
He mad I read too deep in things and complicate what’s simple (mad)
Mo, you mad?
I don’t listen like I should at times
Confusin’ you with dubs and lames
He said look girl, man man [?]
Some others made we make more money
Your single hot but my whole album hot we make more from it
(Now tell ‘em why you're mad son)
Yea tell ‘em why you mad son
Cause the boss man’s wife’s sister’s sample is what I’m rapping on?
Jamla is the squad and Roc Nation still the family man
You mad you just a family guy, watching real families man
They mad the First Family love me, President say he a fan
They mad a black man is the best president that we ever had

(Where’d your love go?) Tell ‘em why you mad son
(Where’d your love go?) T-tell ‘em why you mad son
(Where’d your love) Tell ‘em why you mad son
(Baby, baby, baby) Tell ‘em tell ‘em
(Why you always gotta be so mad)[Verse 2: Rapsody]
Let me tell you why I’m mad son
It’s 2016 and Black brothers still harassed dumb
They took The Cosby Show off air son
Bill might be in question but Heathcliff done saved us all, nigga
'Bout some stars and some stripes
Cause some lines bein’ crossed and stars sayin’ it ain’t right now you (mad)
They mad we speakin’ super loud now
And money can’t buy us, naw, we ain’t the type to bow down, ya (mad)

I’mma take a bow now
And y’all can respect every Black and Brown one that wear a crown, ya (mad)
I call my EP Crown, huh
Yo, “who she think she is” is tryna represent for y’all, some (mad)
But y’all ain’t secure in your position
Hurt dogs holla, that’s some old folks wisdom, niggas (mad)
That we made it through the gate for free
Jay and Khaled ain’t the only ones I see that got the keys

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