[Chorus: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Yeah, they call me black and ugly
But I go so hard, make the whole world love me [Verse 1: Rapsody]
I remember when y'all used to call me ugly
Isnt it ironic know you all just wanna love me
So concerned wit weight I'm mo’ Chucky than I am chubby
Confidence of a porn star the day I cut the horns off
Took all my demons threw em down hill in a buggy
Then stood on top the hill and did the milly rock and dougie
Screamin only God can judge me

I'm feeling like the misle
Now y'all come around and kiss up to me
, wish you knew
All masta's grandchildren fantasize bout Crystal’s
You could neva diss me
I'm more Leo, you more grizzly
Watch yo mouth these country boys carrying tools like Dabnis Brickey
The tesla, the BMi benzo I ain't picky
Talking appearance ain't no diss to me
No one dissin’ me
I been to hell and back
And came back up here screaming victory
Still rockin wit the triple 3
9 Wonder, my summer
Feeling like Pete & Pete's
In memory of D&D
I'm still rockin whether it's me rapping of Quentin T
You all about the benjamins, I'm all about the family
I got the fellas rockin, see we working on a dynasty

Black and ugly as ever and still nobody fine as me
No one been as kind as me

Only one kind of me
Im already better than what you niggasl still trying to be[Chorus: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Yeah, they call me black and ugly
But I go so hard, make the whole world love me[Verse 2: Rapsody]
Brown skin persons
All my light skin persons
We so mutherfuckin beautiful, wow
It's personal
Diary, and frankly this game
I'm Stylin
My camp concentration, and focus been on a thousand

Black bottom Jordan's
My sole black as organs
Of chain smokers and churches that sang hymns to organs

Ol' bae, looking for love but I can't reward em
Never be the same like what they did to New Orleans
You're never gonna part them
Connected like apartments
Squad thick as thieves, I flip out like cartwheels
Get better like Lamar did
I'm never gonna owe dem [Odom]
Man versus machine don't underestimate a soldier
D Block my sister
E Money my sister
Tia that's my clique I only rock wit real sistas
Snow Hill my home not once did you hear me stutter
But you hung on every single word that I ever uttered

‘Cus, ion smoke crack motherfucker I sell It
Send it through the pipeline, they know who I rep
They know how I rap
They know ion rest
The system quick to arrest
If Bobby Brown tell it
I'm the best new edition

Heard ya whispering Tracy Ellis
I'm more than black-ish
This what real life rap is
My hair don't look natural so they question my blackness
Rachel got over, Guess that's a fucked up standard

Fuck yall even, Fuck yall odd
How I'm weird cuz ion rap bout dumb shit like yall?
See I'm feel just like BOB, baby
Where the love at?
Don't need no more trouble
But got beef by the double
That's a different kinda drive thru
Mono e mono
Put my fist up for everyone that dissed us
They talk about my lisp more than they put me on the list whew
I know shit ‘bout him and I know shit ‘bout her
But, I don't shit where I sleep
So don't shit on none of yall
That ain't in my armor
I believe in karma
I whip my ass wit Charmin everyday, nigga
Just like you
Hope you brush your teeth fo’ you get up and talk shit bout me[Chorus: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Yeah, they call me black and ugly
But I go so hard, make the whole world love me

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