Eric, your a real live G for this one
All black everything, all black you know
All black in the name of all my black heroes
All black everything, all black polos
All black medallions, yeah, all black you know
Say [Verse 1]
All black everything, polo and socks
Symbolize we not defeated by them system and cops
Word to 9th, and that all black leather I wear
Coatin my skin, Im all black just like a pair of mcnair
Family wore the warm blacks, yo, resemble my hair
They brush it off, pardon them all, they got no reason to care
All T's, all black, cause at the top is Barack
In a stack of all black jeans cause im never gon slack
Black boy shorts on my ass, like teachers stay on short black boys in class, so they grow to lead the masses
Black sunglasses cause my future bright, Molasses
Blackberry, write my rhymes in them every night, they scary
Black scarves, they represent scars and nooses they hung us by
But now they hangin on my word, dueces
Yo, too black to not be a fan of Michael Jack
Word the bible colors all black
Just like my scully cap, cause blacks be on my mind
[Hook][Verse 2]
All black belts for all the blacks that didn't buckle
In the stuggle, Black medallions medalin they didn't love us
Crosses burning in our yards, Black bangers for the wrists
Up on the wrist I told them this
Black friday in the black
Just like a prophet I would profit
To the black's worth
To the blackness of my bra
Gon support you
Word, to Phylicia Rashad's black lashes
All blacks they used to make up all the back of buses
I wear liner on the lids for all my brothers
And the mothers, black picks we stay ahead of dissin black
My bookbag be dippin cause rapsody has got your back
Blacks they be hypin, I'm the light that lit your match
A black watch for all the times I watched MTV raps
Black lights and blues burn when I record for watts
And every black like Troy Davis who never had a fair shot
All black everything, everything black
Culture over everything, yo, we taking it back

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