Take your time
Don't be in a hurry
You don't have to... [Verse 1: Rapper Big Pooh]
Luxury vehicle, not a drop of white in it
Personal license plate so they know it ain't rented
Cruising by the Cruiser so they got to see who in it
A young black male with the intent to sell
"Happy" through the speakers bump a lil' bit Pharrell
Go easy on the gas cause these cops now shell
Five miles later there's another on the trail
A nigga sweating bullets like he moving by the scale
Lights flash and life does too
Make a decision, what the fuck you suppose to do?
When the law is in the rear view to serve no protection
Firing shots off, no discretion
First impression can be your last one
You visualize when you pass 'em
We know the stories and the scene is a continuation
Quiet street to enforce this extermination
Through your mind reverse the situation
Mike shot with his hands held high
And John got killed because of a damn lie
[Kasheem] killed blocks away from where Big Mike died
Oscar got shot with his hands cuffed behind
Shawn killed the night before his wedding that was tough
Diallo shot at 41 times, these cops are nuts
Victor shot handcuffed in the cop car
They ruled it suicide so tell me I'm not far
From being off when I'm thinking just to run
It don't matter that I'm innocent when they pointing the guns
My life is in the balance
And I was never trained for this challenge
So to me that's a lose/lose
This ain't the way we trying to make it on the news
Mama hearing stories 'bout her baby that ain't true
Slander in the first
Dehumanized before you even lowered in the dirt
Shot at nine times when you was just leaving work
Now who afraid of whom?
Cops drawing guns on black males like high noon
Guilty I assume what they thinking cause I look
Like one of them guys featured in they book
They ask me where I'm going
State the violation
Right on red light
What's my occupation?
License and registration
Tell me where you coming from
I search your car, any drugs any guns?
"That's only if you plant it" I respond with a smirk
He shot a look back, my response was knee jerk
Let off with a warning consider myself blessed
Only a few alive can understand that stress
[Hook: Steve Roxx]
And there is sometimes that everybody gets lucky
And I know the feeling
When I'm stopped
I wanna go somewhere
So far away from here
But I don't think he getting me
So what? When I'm stopped

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