[Verse 1: Rapper Big Pooh]
Y'all looking like the same rappers shipped off the same assembly line
Want to be king of the jungle, you niggas is lying
You the best at dressing up is what you really implying
Swag, here today, gone the next week
Either stand for something or just stay sleep
What it is, most of y'all prefer to stay sheep
Following the follower, the future looks bleak
Shout out to M. Eazy
The most known unknown can't see the
Bottom line or even the in-between's
Until it's all done, my nigga, I'm talking Queens
Things is uneasy when you switching up the scenes
Better stay inside that fence where the Astro Turf's green
Yeah, this is what they call boom-bap
Where they try to figure out what's in that backpack
Gold chains like I'm bringing Slick Rick back
No aim, extra clips for that black Mac
Neither, one time for the believers
Who wonder why my name ain't burning up, catching fevers
It's better than being mourned by the grievers
We on our 'Pac and Dre shit, they can't see us
I'm in all black and brown, the provider of the sound
Niggas reign and we never been crowned [Hook: Rapper Big Pooh and (Teddy Pendergrass sample)]
(Turn off the lights)
And light a candle
God gave you just enough for you to handle
(Turn off the lights)
I understand, oh
Niggas try to put a trophy on their mantle
(Turn off the lights)
And light a candle
God gave you just enough for you to handle
(Turn off the lights)
I understand, oh
Niggas need role models, here's a sample
(Turn 'em off!)
[Verse 2: Marv Won]
Killers, you rappers is so flaky
Nigga, you can love or hate me, it won't break me
Don't respect what you build and your foundation's shaky
Outfit ain't worth a penny and that's word to J.C
So, go on ahead and retell them lies
How your man got butter and now he sells the pies
Keep talking, nigga, yeah, detail the prize
I need to see dough for the biscuit, heat, swell and rise
Bang, like a Maury dame, the story changed
Niggas was big shots until Robert Horry came
Now they Corey Haim's
Look, nigga, either you gonna shit or get off the pot, it's seems poorly trained
Captain Jack Sparrow, I'm running a tight ship
25/8, ain't no day or no night shift
I want a pretty girl with a mouth just like a vice grip
You ain't never seen 2 fat niggas like this[Hook]

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